South Carolina Policy Committee and Study Team

To facilitate and encourage maximum interaction among local, state and federal governments or agencies and the local community, the GSATS has an adopted a committee structure. The Policy Committee, as the official decision making body, establishes the policies for the overall conduct of the GSATS, is responsible for the adoption of plans and programs and approves study recommendations.

The Technical Committee (or Study Team), which is established by the Policy Committee, is composed of the professional/technical representatives of the member governments and public agencies having direct or indirect responsibility for transportation planning and/or implementation. Their primary responsibility is to monitor all technical activities including the annual development of a draft Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) and biennial development of a draft TIP. They also direct and consider for recommendation to the Policy Committee for final endorsement of all major studies and planning activities.

North Carolina Transportation Advisory Committee and Technical Coordinating Committee

The Technical Coordinating Committee (TCC) is comprised of staff from member and stakeholder agencies. The TCC provides technical recommendations to the Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC), which is the official decision making body of the North Carolina portion of the GSATS Study Area. Activities guided by the TCC and TAC include assistance in developing the GSATS MTP, local input on projects submitted to NCDOT’s SPOT office for statewide project prioritization, and the approval of Direct Attributable program projects. The TCC and TAC also provide guidance on local public transit and bicycle/pedestrian infrastructure needs.

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