GSATS is the designated Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) responsible for carrying out the urban transportation planning process for the Grand Strand area.

As the MPO, GSATS provides the forum for cooperative decision making in developing regional transportation plans and programs to meet changing needs. It is composed of elected and appointed officials representing local, state and federal governments or agencies having interest or responsibility in comprehensive transportation planning.

PRESS RELEASE for US 17 Corridor Study

June 15, 2020

The Grand Strand Area Transportation Study (GSATS) encourages citizens to get involved in the ongoing US 17 Corridor Study in Georgetown County.  The US 17 Corridor in Georgetown County currently carries an average of 35,000 vehicles per day.  This area has experienced significant growth which has led to increased congestion and safety concerns along the corridor.

The study began in June of 2019 and expected to conclude by the Summer of 2020.  A Public information meeting will be scheduled in the future as soon as large gatherings of people are advised. An animated visualization of key recommendations is being worked on and will be made available on the website as soon as it is completed.

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To view the FY 2020 – 2021 Unified Planning Work Program Addendum 1, click here.

NCDOT and SCDOT invite you to provide input on this project via NCDOT’s online public engagement platform “”. You can access the site by visiting and scrolling down to Carolina Bays Parkway Extension, or directly via this link:

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Georgetown County US 17 Corridor Study Update

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