GSATS is the designated Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) responsible for carrying out the urban transportation planning process for the Grand Strand area.
As the MPO, GSATS provides the forum for cooperative decision making in developing regional transportation plans and programs to meet changing needs. It is composed of elected and appointed officials representing local, state and federal governments or agencies having interest or responsibility in comprehensive transportation planning.

6/3/2024 – 7/15/2024

Request for Letters of Interest (RFLOI): Shallotte Collector Street Plan

The Grand Strand Area Transportation Study is requesting letters of interest for professional services from a qualified consultant to develop the Shallotte Collector Street Plan. This study proposal submitted by the Town of Shallotte was selected for funding through GSATS’ Local Direct Attributable (DA) Funds Program. The study area consists of the entire municipal limits of the Town of Shallotte along with its adjacent extraterritorial jurisdiction. 

To view the RFLOI in its entirety please click below.

RFLOI – Shallotte Collector Street

5/30/24 – 6/20/24

PUBLIC NOTICE: FTA Section 5339 Bus and Bus Facilities Program Funds

The Grand Strand Area Transportation Study (GSATS) is soliciting public comment on the following amendments to the FY 2024-2033 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP). The GSATS’ TIP is a ten-year plan that identifies and prioritizes transportation projects for funding within the Horry-Georgetown County metropolitan area. The following projects will be included in the TIP for FY2025:

FTA Section 5339 Bus and Bus Facilities Program Funds
FY2021 Rural ($3,500,000) and Small Urban ($996,000)
flexed to FY2024 Large Urban $4,496,000

Public Notice – FTA Section 5339 05.30.2024

GSATS FY2024 – 2033 TIP Summary Draft 04.24.2024

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Carolina Bays Parkway  Extension

NCDOT and SCDOT invite you to view information regarding the extension of Carolina Bays Parkway. Please use the following link to visit the project information page.    Carolina Bays Parkway Project Information